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Legend is the only platform in the world that delivers comics with vibrant and immersive audio tracks that bring the story and characters to life.

Whether you're a diehard comic fan or just getting into the medium, Legend is the most immersive way to enjoy your Manga, Webtoons, Graphic Novels and more.

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At Legend we do regular drops of unique and exclusive titles and our reader can uniquely serve all varieties of comics, including Manga, Webtoons and Western style comics.

Full Character Audio

Legend is the only platform in the world that enhances digital comics with high quality audio narration and character script in multiple languages. You can even record yourself as the character in your favourite comics.

Tap or Play

Tap and swipe through your comics bubble by bubble, panel by panel or have them played to you from start to finish.


Discover your comics in multiple languages so that you can dip into content and genres you never considered before.


Become the character in a comic by recording yourself in a scene and sharing with your community.

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